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Project Manager: Remote Positions Available

Our Project Manager is integral in supporting key client relationships from project kick-off to completion.

This person will support the team with seamless process management and help identify opportunities for improvement.  They will work closely with the various internal teams (brand, stationery and art focused) and be familiar with their projects on a high level to provide the clients with a holistic relationship across their projects.

This person will be responsible for achieving and maintaining client satisfaction by ensuring that projects are delivered on scope and on time.  You will be the central point of communication on one or more projects and are accountable for the accurate and timely flow of information between the client and the internal team. 

What we are looking for

2-4 years of experience in project management in a creative or business consultancy role.  You must have strong client presence, organizational and detail-orientation skills, excellent written and verbal communication, ability to work in a fast-moving environment and an amazing team player who cares about the details.

A person with a positive “can do” attitude who is a proactive problem solver, who works independently, but thrives in a team setting and understands what it takes to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

We strive for leaders, collaborators and expert communicators. We want an optimist and enthusiast who is results- focused and a skilled planner. 

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