Nana Annan Photography

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Nana Annan Photography
Focus on enjoying the moment, she'll handle capturing it.

Nana is a photographer, business coach and lawyer. The brand identity is bold with linear patterns. 

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Responsive portfolio website

Velvet and Acrylic Wedding Album Box
A velvet wedding album box
"Thank you Oda Creative for this amazing branding experience! When you know, you know!!"
Nana Annan
Nana Annan

First Round Concierge

First Round Concierge
frc wordmark

A bold identifying lettermark serves as the core of the logo design with a bold serif typography font to communicate the respectability and a sense of class that is First Round Concierge!


Timeless luxury is exuded with the luxurious gold and bold black color palette . Multiple logo variations were created to fit various form factors.

First Round emblem white

The gold foil business card look and feel amazing as the light reflects off of the foil. Gold on black is a winner.

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responsive website design
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"I can’t say enough great things about Oda Creative! They are an amazing innovative team that is always reliable. They created brand identities for my companies that exude luxury and quality and I couldn’t ask for more. I love ODA!"
Courtney Ajinca
Courtney Ajinça

3125 Streetwear

urban fashion logo - 3125

We explored multiple concepts and ended up with the creative use of a hanger. Black for bold while the pink brings in some femininity.

urban clothing logo - 3125
"I gave them, in my opinion, very little to work with when trying to create a logo for my company and they were able to take the few creative ideas and thoughts that I could explain and turn it in a great logo"
melanie jones
Melanie Jones

FloralGlam Academy

floralglam thumb
FloralGlam Academy logo

This academy provides training on how to create and market your own personalized paper floral designs.

From the outset, we knew the logo would be inspired by paper flowers. We experimented with multiple types of flowers and found that the impressive dahlia inspired logo was perfectly glamorous. 

FloralGlam Academy style board
"This is amazing! Every format and style is absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to unveil them."
Onome Edegware
Onome E.

Vivid Experience

vivid-experience black logo
Vivid Experience
Your special day, thoughtfully designed just for you.
Branding for Wedding Planner
Vivid Experience Logo

We had a great time designing this ink stroke logo. We wanted to do something different with ink strokes while still bringing in the luxury feel.

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vivid experience business card
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    Vivid experience responsive website2

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    Vivid experience responsive website

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"It's the direction I want to go in and you all NAILED IT!!! Thank you all so much I honestly can't express it enough..."
Vivid Experience Owner - Vivian Duru
Vivian Duru
Event Planner

Michelle Harrison

michelle harrison rose gold business cards shine

There is something special about this rose gold logo. The brand identity is comprehensive, with patterns, colors, and typography carried through all brand elements.

michelle harrison photo
michelle harrison rose gold business cards shine
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michelle harrison photo 3
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michelle harrison business card front
michelle harrison business card back
The Cards Look AMAZING!!!
~ Michelle H.
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Michelle Harrison style guide moodboard
"Rebrand! Huge thank you to the team at OdaCreative for capturing my vision! "
michelle harrison
Michelle Harrison
Planner / Designer