What is the difference between custom and ready made?

  • During the custom design process we truly immerse ourselves in everything that is you and bring to life a never before seen, unique design for your event. Our custom designs include a $500 design  fee and a minimum project budget requirement of $2,000 which can be applied towards multiple stationery purchases such as a combination  of  your  invitations, menus, programs and more. Ready to order invitations do  not  include a design  fee and only have an order quantity minimum of 50 units. To receive a personalized quote for a custom order please schedule a consultation to discuss  your project details  with one of our team members or email us at hello @odacreative.com
  •  Our custom designs have a longer lead time of than our ready to order invitations which have a lead time of 3-4 weeks for  invitations and 2-3 weeks for menus and programs. Please allow up  to  3-4 months  for truly bespoke and unique  custom designs.
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