8 Trends for Modern Wedding Invitations 2019

For unique wedding invitations consider adding some laser cutting designs.
modern wedding invitations

Weddings are a mixed bag of high emotion, financial investment, and family connection. The average wedding is averaging $34K in 2019. These affairs are not the backyard shindig they used to be.

Every detail matters in a modern wedding. From the shoes of the bridal party to the napkin ring on each place setting, it matters. Modern wedding invitations have taken on a whole new role in the wedding. They have become the sneak peek of the party to come.

These invitations stay on theme and are more unique than ever before. From bold color choices, to completely custom shapes and sizes. Invitations will surprise you. Here we go over our favorite trends for the once humble wedding invite in 2019.

Our Top Tips for Chic Modern Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations were first sent as a sign of wealth and influence. Only the well-off could afford the paper, ink, and getting the invitations to their guests.

Now every wedding needs an invitation. And, every wedding needs a theme. Which means even the invited are subject to trends.

Wedding invitation trends change from season to season. The trends we chose for 2019 will last. Create an invitation your guests will keep in their scrapbooks, or on their mantels, for years to come.

1. Laser Cutting Sets Your Invite Apart From The Crowd

For unique wedding invitations consider adding some laser cutting designs. These intricate cut papers can act as the inner envelope or a frame. Use them to hold your ceremony and reception details with the RSVP card.

The best part of this trend is it’s never been easier to make your dreams reality. In minutes, you can make even the most intricate of ideas into a reality.

These designs can be elaborate and regal. Used to make surprising and unique invitation shapes. The skies the limit.

Consider the outline of your home state, your favorite building, or city skyline. Laser cutting can give you an edge on other couples.

You’ll find many laser-cut designs in our paperie shop.

2. Add Some Shine and Shimmer with Foil Lettering

We are no stranger to these popular wedding invitations. Foil lettering is one of the hottest new trends to set your invite apart from the others in the mail.

Slight shimmer and tons of beautiful color options make this trend a stunner for any wedding. From whimsical to classic choose metal-inspired colors to set your invite apart.

3. Don’t Forget The Envelope!

In the past, the envelope was a simple vessel. The outer most plain white wrapping of the meat of the matter, the invitation itself. Nowadays, couples are embracing the outer envelope and some of that inner pizazz.

Custom envelopes are one of the latest wedding invitation trends. From bold colors to glittered liners, to their own unique shapes and designs. Envelopes are no longer the forgotten throwaway of the invite package.

4. Learn Your Lingo, Vellum Is the New Cardstock

What could be more elegant than an invitation printed on vellum? The medium is see-through but gauzy. Your guest will be able to see the outline of their own hand while learning the details of your special day.

This romantic feel makes your guests feel connected with you and your intended in a new way.

5. Unique Floral and Nature Representations

The traditional greenery with white flowers is ok. But, brides these days want the drama and the color. We are talking about traditional flowers in beautiful hand-painted and vibrant color combinations.

Ombre roses and chrysanthemums. Sporting teal, turquoise, and vibrant oranges. All surrounded by vibrant vines and leaves.

These are not your mother’s floral motifs.

6. The Wax Seal Is Back With a Whole New Spin

Remember the corny bright red wax seal that adorned every wedding invite in the ’90s? Weren’t you happy when they went away? So were we, but, wax seals are back and chic as ever.

In a modern twist, these wax seals are monochromatic or metal inspired. They can include twigs of rosemary or other unique greenery. Think about sticking a small feather in it or a tassel in the theme color of the wedding. This adds a whole new three-dimensional touch to your invite.

Wax seals show you still took the time to hand press each envelope. In a time of emails and texts, it’s nice to get some handmade flair back into the mix.

7. Acrylic Has Come Out of the Salon and Into Your Invitation

One of the hottest new trends is acrylic invitations. These look like glass panes that arrive in the mail. In the same way as vellum, the clarity of the glass-like acrylic makes every detail of your invite pop.

This becomes the keepsake. So, you can forgo the out-of-date and usually left behind, wedding favor on the day of the wedding. These don’t get ruined by weather or rough handling by your post worker either. Win-Win.

8. Glitter!

It’s not only for little girls and unicorns anymore.

Glitter can add the bit of whimsy your invitation has been lacking.

Used in restraint, and with the proper amount of adhesive, it’s great. Glitter adds a dimensional shimmer to details of the invitation. Consider glittering the inside of your inner envelope to give your main invite a red carpet to lay on.

Glitter the borders of the invitation for a subtle but fun touch. Glitter, when used with restraint, can still be classy and timeless.

Don’t Miss The Mark On Your Wedding’s First Impression

We hope that our list of 2019 wedding invitation trends did not disappoint. From this list, you can tell that the only limit on an invitation is your imagination.

Different materials. Foil lettering. Three-dimensional accents.

Your wedding invitation can represent your unique event. We live in the age of endless possibility. Execution is only a matter of vision. If you can think it, it can become a reality.

Need some help designing your own unique invitation? We can bring your visions to life. Contact us now for a quote.

What do you think of when you imagine modern wedding invitations? Share below in the comments!

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