Is Your Website Really Working for You?

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If you have a business, it’s pretty safe to assume you have a website (If you don’t, stop reading right now and go build a website!) But do you know why you have one? You may answer, “Because everybody has a website.” That’s actually a legitimate reason. You definitely don’t want to be the company that’s behind the times, and you definitely do want to have an online presence since your competitors probably do.

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Your website is your digital storefront

So, you’ve staked your claim to virtual real estate in cyberspace. Are you a shining star in the vast galaxy of websites or are you space dust – there, but out of sight, out of mind? This is where many businesses go astray. Online advertising firm Chitika analyzed Google search data and made a startling conclusion: A website that ranks eleventh or lower in a Google search will be seen by fewer than 1% of people making that search. Approximately 95% of web traffic goes to sites that land on Page 1 of a Google search. Tweak your website so it doesn’t just exist, but becomes one of your most important sales tools.

Your Website Is Your Real Storefront

Think about your brick-and-mortar store. You probably chose it largely because it is located in a desirable spot. You know the saying: location, location, location. On the busiest day of the week, at the busiest time of the day, how many people do you think drive by your business? How long do they spend within eyesight of your business while driving by? The area may get tons of traffic, but only a fraction of passersby will notice your signage. Only a handful of those will register seeing your storefront. A smaller number will consider stopping by or contacting your business.

Your website, when positioned to work for you, can potentially be seen by millions of people 24/7. Most importantly, the people who land on your website do so not by accident or because they’re on their way to somewhere else. They land on your website because they are actively looking for businesses like yours – they need or want what you’re selling! Here are three ways you can make your website work for you:

Your website, when positioned to work for you, can potentially be seen by millions of people 24/7

Keep It Fresh

There’s a popular saying among people whose business is creating websites for other businesses: Content is king. The more often you add to and update your website’s content (blog posts, company news, photos, etc.), the higher your website’s ranking will be on search engines like Google and Bing. This type of activity is often referred to as search engine optimization (SEO), and it is very important!

The more often you add to and update your website’s content, the higher your website’s ranking will be on search engines like Google and Bing

Make It Compatible

How people search for products and services has changed. (Instead of letting their fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages they now let their fingers walk over their keyboards.) The way people search their keyboards has also changed. They are now as likely to search on their smartphone or tablet as they are on their PC. You can take steps to make your website as easy to read on a smartphone as it is on a desktop monitor. Here are some helpful tips!

Make It Functional

If you sell products, your website should convince people to buy them. If you add e-commerce functionality (i.e. online ordering and payment capabilities), you’re able to lock in sales immediately rather than run the risk that a potential customer won’t follow up with you in your store. Additionally, you’re able to sell to customers throughout the country and even the world!

These are just a few examples of the many concrete steps you can take to make your website steer customers your way. Now you’re probably wondering how to execute. That’s actually the easiest part! Team up with pros, and let them work their magic so you can start reaping the rewards as soon as possible!

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