Brand Mapping: A Beginner’s Guide to Building & Positioning Your Brand for Success

You can go about deciding which brands to include by looking into those that are considered leaders of your chosen industry.
A Beginner’s Guide To Building

In simple terms, brand mapping is the process of filling in the details of your brand, including your business goals, brand style and personality, and a content marketing strategy. Brand mapping helps business leaders to see where they are going, while team members get a feel for the competition and learn how to perform in a capacity that is useful to the company. The following includes a closer look at the concept of brand mapping, as well as some tips on how to map your brand for optimal results.

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Determinant Attributes

To begin your brand map, you need to uncover the determinant attributes of your brand. Simply put, determinant attributes are the different keywords that make it easier to categorize your product or service and attract your target demographic. For instance, “style” and “comfort” are two determinant attributes that companies use to describe items such as furniture, clothing, shoes and even bedding. Selecting the determinant attributes for your product and understanding who the ideal customer that value those attributes are is the first step to the process of brand mapping. This process also helps you discover your direct competitors within your market and brand segment.

Name Your Competitors

Once you know what your determinant attributes are, it’s time to learn pertinent info about your competitors. To see how your brand measures up to those already on the market, you will need to produce a list of your most relevant competition. You can go about deciding which brands to include by looking into those that are considered leaders of your chosen industry. From there, you can branch out and consider those located within close range to your business location, as well as those that have a similar brand message or vision. Whatever you do, include enough brands to get a fairly accurate analysis of how your brand will fit into the marketplace.

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Create Scores

Lastly, you need to create scores for the brands you are analyzing and gauge where your brand can fit in. Do this by first selecting two determinant attributes. For instance, if you have a clothing brand, you might opt to use the size and similarity of your product as your two determinant factors. Next, you can simply assign all relevant brands a value based on the information you have about each company. Each brand will receive a number from one to five as a means of measuring how it compares to yours. You will then have enough information to start mapping out where your brand fits in relation to the competition. This is going to help you make some very important business decisions going forward.

While mapping is an essential step to building a brand, it’s just an initial step in the journey of establishing an amazing brand. It is totally worth the effort though. Studies have shown that 64% of consumers say shared values is their top reason for following a brand. Therefore, by simply taking the time to time to research other brands and figure out the best way to present your own brand, you will attract loyal customers who feel like supporting you is also a great way to support their own causes.

Brand mapping can be a tedious task. Moreover, as a business owner, you may be far too busy to complete the process on your own. Luckily, by hiring a qualified marketing and design agency, you can take your brand to the next level with the help of personalized products that can be used to define your brand. Every brand has its unique path however, most companies take steps such as these in order to become successful.

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