7 Web Design and Development Tricks to Leave a Digital Footprint

You may have the strongest, most thorough website in the world, but if you’re not driving traffic you won’t leave a footprint.
Web Design And Development Tricks

At the end of the day, it’s hard for your website to stand out. You may have the strongest, most thorough website in the world, but if you’re not driving traffic you won’t leave a footprint.

And with a new site created every few minutes, that competition isn’t going anywhere. On the contrary, it’s only going to get tougher.

But there’s a bit of good news.

With more competition comes an increased focus on great web design and development.

Best of all, web design and development ingenuity doesn’t need to break your budget. There are simple, easy steps you can take to make your website stronger than ever with a few easy changes.

You can make your website stand out and separate yourself from the crowd. Ready to learn more? Read on to find out some easy tips for web design and development that is sure to leave a footprint on customers.

1. Borrow from Your Browsing Habits

On average, you probably spend at least a few hours on your web browser. Be it mobile or desktop, the Internet has become the world’s epicenter.

Next time you find yourself procrastinating, don’t get down on yourself. Instead, use your favorite sites as inspiration for your web design and development.

Think about some of your favorite websites for a moment. It can be anything from an online store to a news site. Take a moment to really analyze what it is about these websites that really resonate with you.

Think of these questions as you spend your time on the web:

  • Why is the homepage appealing to me?
  • What sections of this website do I use the most? Why?
  • What are the key design elements of this website that set it apart?
  • How does this website use navigation to improve the user experience (or UX)?
  • What color schemes are they using? Are they in line with their brand logo’s colors or no?
  • How is the site laid out? Does it make sense?

It’s time to analyze your browsing habits through a critical lens. The more in-depth your research, the easier it’ll be to implement these changes into your own site.

2. Focus on Your Content

One of the best ways to encourage customer interaction is through your content.

After all, many of the most popular sites on the net feature a blog as a way to boost their SEO scores and engage visitors. Sites like Huffington Post started out as a blog before becoming a massive web property

What’s the key to writing engaging, thoughtful content? Think about what interests you. Your best content will come from topics you’re passionate about.

Use current events and hot topics as a spring board and connect them back for your business. For instance, if your site sells invitations and you’re posting during summer, you may want to write a post about beach weddings.

It’s topical, timely, and still gets the word out about your business and products.

3. Create a Killer Home Page

One thing is for certain when it comes to your home page — it matters. A lot.

The home page is where visitors make that all-important first impression of your site. You’ll need to wow them with beautiful images, clean copy, and hot design.

In fact, studies suggest that you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression.

It should give visitors a concise idea of what your business does and the services you offer. Take a look at this sample page we did for Aida Malik Photography, for instance.

It’s minimalist, and yet it gets the point across through its design. The logo is front and center, and even the images give a clear indication of what the site is about.

4. Get Creative Visually

Speaking of design, let’s take a moment to discuss how you can leave a footprint visually.

It used to be that businesses could get away with a simple, cookie-cutter site. All it needed was a few images, some text, and a menu.

That’s an option, but it won’t help you leave that hugely important footprint you’re after.

Web design and development is full of cool, creative designs. Everything from geometric shapes to text color and sizing plays a part in your visual design.

Take the extra time to make your web design and development really stand out. The more creatively designed your site is, the more visitors will want to explore it.

5. Incorporate Video

On the topic of visuals, you may want to incorporate video elements into your site. Often times, a video is capable of saying what words and images alone can’t.

In fact, most of the time people would rather watch a video than read a text post.

Consider creating a brief introduction for your homepage instead of simply using copy. Welcome visitors to the site and tell them about your services and products.

You may even want to have the video auto-start upon visitor entrance.

6. Connect With Conversational Interfaces

What happens every time you enter a big box store? You peruse the aisles and suddenly a helpful employee pops up and asks if you need any help.

Believe it or not, web design and development is implementing a similar tool.

Chatbots and other forms of conversational AI are some of the newest and trendiest additions to sites. Implementing a chatbot is a great way to offer tips and help to visitors without being invasive.

7. Tell Your Story

Above all else, people are looking to connect. Your brand is about more than just the products you’re selling. It’s about the blood, sweat, tears, and passion that you’ve put into your business.

Your website should reflect your personality. One of the best ways to make your site stand out is just by being yourself!

Cold, calculated business sites just don’t cut it anymore. People are already exposed to hundreds of advertisements every single day, give them a bit of a break.

Let customers know about your process, for instance. The more they connect with the brand, the more likely they’ll be to use your business.

Inject some personality into your content. Be it fun, quirky, or a little goofy, your site needs to reflect YOU!

Tell your brand’s story on your ‘About Us‘ page and endear yourself to your customers. Make your business tangible and relatable, not something that exists just for profit.

Web Design and Development You Can Believe In

If you’re ready to change the world with your gorgeous, creative site get in touch today!

Our team of professionals is ready to get to work making your site stronger and more beautiful than ever. Whether you need a simple portfolio page or a complex business site, leave the details to us.

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