Why get a professional business logo?

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In this day and age, we all know one or two people that own photoshop and know how to create “art” with it. Maybe they learnt how to use it in school or even taught themselves how to use it. Maybe this person is you yourself. Well, now you’re thinking of starting your own business and you need a logo – what do you do? Do you hire a professional, forgo a logo entirely, create it yourself or have a friend you know do it for free?

Let’s step back for a second – what is a logo and why do you need one?

Your logo is at the center of your branding strategy and is on all of your applicable materials. It’s on your business card. It’s on your stationary. It could even be on your products.

A logo’s design should allow for immediate recognition. Your logo should catch a prospective costumers’ attentions quickly.  It should be different from others in your industry but still allow casual observers to easily presume your industry with a single glance.

It should inspire trust,  communicate the essence of your business and and have an implied sense of quality and professionalism that customers themselves would like to own or be associated with.

Your logo is one of the most prominent faces of your business – it’s not vanity to make sure it’s both pretty and smart 🙂

Cheers, till next time

The OC team.

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