The Party Starts With the Invitation!

Without question, hosting a party is a huge undertaking that requires a considerable investment of time and money. You’ve got to choose the date, time and place, and you have to make a guest list. For extravagant parties, you may also need to book a venue, choose a caterer, rent tables and chairs, line up entertainment, hire waitstaff, find a bartender, arrange for valet parking, etc. Even simple parties require tons of prep work. At a minimum, you need to deep clean your house, clear your schedule, purchase refreshments and come up with a general plan to ensure your guests enjoy themselves.

Party Pro Tip: The Magic Is in the Mingling!

Interestingly, the most important ingredient of any party is out of your immediate control. The success or failure of a party is shaped primarily by the partygoers! The more invitees who show up, the more successful your party will be. Choosing an invitation may seem like a minor detail compared to all of the aforementioned party planning preparations you may need to tackle. Make no mistake, though. The invitation is critical. Often, it is the deciding factor in whether an invitee actually shows up or chooses to skip the party you’ve worked so hard to plan!

Make Sure Your Invitations Are Irresistible and Memorable

Let’s be honest. We’ve probably all received invitations that create within us a sense of dread or obligation. We reluctantly pin them on the bulletin board or magnet them to the fridge. As the day of the party approaches, we may secretly wish to come down with the 24-hour stomach bug that’s been going around. A boring party invitation makes us envision a boring party. And, who has the time or desire for that?

That’s definitely not the reaction you want people to have to your invitation. That’s why you should avoid sending out generic, prepackaged invitations. You’re putting a lot of work into your event, and your invitation should reflect that! Custom invitations communicate that you’re putting extra effort into planning your party. Make sure they are eye-catching so they serve as a subtle, subliminal reminder in the days leading up to the event. Depending on the purpose of your party, design and word your invites to be classy or clever (or both!)

Make Sure Your Invitations Are Informative

The devil is in the details, so make sure your invitations don’t leave your guests scratching their heads and wanting more. If your invitation leaves them feeling uncertain about the exact purpose of the celebration, what to wear, whether food will be served, if they can bring a plus-one, etc., they’ll be more apt to RSVP in the worst possible way: “Maybe…” Spell it all out so they know exactly what to expect and what is expected of them. This way, they can comfortably commit. (Speaking of the RSVP, absolutely request one. Invite invitees to respond via phone, email or text, and specify an RSVP cutoff date.)

Custom, eye-catching, memorable and informative: These are the elements of successful invitations! Don’t be that guy or gal who sends an invite that makes people want to think up excuses. Make your invitation appealing and buzz-worthy, and you’ll be the planner of the party folks attend with a sense of anticipation rather than obligation.

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