10 Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

Whether you’re a traditionalist, a free thinker or you land somewhere in-between, your wedding invitations can easily reflect your personality, outlook and what’s important to you. For many couples, this involves some creativity and innovation. Gain inspiration from these 10 imaginative wedding invitation ideas.

1. Unconventional Materials

Print your invitations on something other than paper. Do you love music? Use vinyl albums or CDs. If you’re a foodie, think menus or place cards. Consider cloth, acrylic, cork board, burlap, wood or even dream catchers. Think of something you’re passionate about, and brainstorm ways to incorporate that into wedding invitation materials.

2. Funny Wording or Design

Show off your whimsical side and embrace a casual, funny approach with your invites. Have a cartoonist create a personalized comic strip. Use funny check-this-box or fill-in-the-blank design elements, personalized to your humor. Use sassy wording, tongue-in-cheek ideas or corny puns – the important thing is that it reflects what makes you and your betrothed laugh.

3. Props

If you’re going for very unconventional, try incorporating props and 3-D elements. Add a rope that ties into a knot when the invite is opened. Design a 3-D pop-up of the church or venue for your wedding, or load your invite with confetti that bursts out. Want to really wow them? Use 3-D viewfinders with wedding invite slides!

4. Technology

Tech nerds out there may prefer cutting-edge technology for delivery of their wedding day details. Custom cards with LCD screens, speakers and interactive options will definitely make an impression.

wedding invitations

5. Destination Wedding Themes

Let your guests know they’re invited to a destination wedding with appropriately themed invitations. Use passport designs, travel itineraries, maps, plane tickets or weather forecasts for the intended destination. Add a packing list with suggestions of what they should bring on the trip. Make it exciting and fun to help them get in the traveling spirit.

6. Quality Upgrades

If you’re a traditionalist and prefer a more formal approach, you can still add unique appeal to your invitations with quality upgrades that make a difference. Opt for textured paper stock and beautiful calligraphy. Add ribbons or applique. Enclose your invitations in boxes or picture frames, rather than envelopes, for elegance or charm.

7. Eco-Friendly Spin

Green is in and it’s important to many couples. If this describes you two, integrate it into your wedding invitations. Use recycled materials, highlighting your farm-to-table menu and your use of local vendors. You might think about using seed paper, also called plantable paper, that’s embedded with seeds and grows into flowers, herbs or vegetables when planted.

8. Caricatures

Give your invitees a reason to display that invitation, keeping the day uppermost in their minds. Hire a caricature artist to create personalized caricatures of your guests. Provide the artist with photos to work from, and print your wedding day details on the finished artwork.

9. Spirits!

If you and your guests are party animals, what better way to invite them to your big day than with a drink? Order customized labels with your wedding day details. Purchase wine or other spirits and affix the labels to the bottles. Send your invitees their favorite liquors – tequila, rum, vodka, bourbon. Just be sure to include a “traditional invite” with an RSVP card in each package.

10. Unique Designs and Items

Design your invitations to stand out by using different shapes or adding keepsakes. Some wedding-themed suggestions include a wine glass cut-out, a wedding gown, champagne cork, countdown clock or a cathedral. You can insert seeds, dried flowers or leaves, or even embossed handkerchiefs. Personalize it and make it your own.

Choose one of these unique ideas, or put your own spin on them to create memorable wedding invites. For top quality and beauty, work with professional creatives who can make your dreams, concepts and designs a reality.

So, which of these unique ideas do you like most?

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